Time to Rest and .... Get Even More Effective!

Has it ever happened to you, that OMG, finally you receive an order or maybe even 5? Or you just want to finish that very notebook or paint that very picture that will be sooo special? You are so inspired that you want to make them here and now, immediately. You don't have a lunch break, you stay and work at night, because you have so many ideas in your head, you have that special magic flow of thoughts on what color to use, what flower to add and crystal to attach.... You just can not stop! You run this marathon, and then at the end you are simply worn out...



I went through this myself. You not only end up exhausted morally, but also physically. Something finally starts aching, because you worked too much, without taking care of your body and mind.

There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.
— Alan Cohen

Finally I made it clear to myself, that every hour or hour and a half I need to stand up and switch to something different. It really does not matter how much work you have, it´s absolutely necessary to find those 5-10 minutes for rest. Because in addition to your health and state of mind, it also affects your effectiveness.  

What do I switch to?

- water my flowers

- switch on some music I love and dance :)

- do a workout for a specific part of my body (like now for shoulders, in another hour I do a plank, in another hour I do squats etc

- 10 minutes guided meditation (I found the ones that I like on YouTube channel)

- load a washing machine (I need to mention that I work from home)

- do some quick cleaning

- make a call

- take a cup of coffee and gaze in silence at the landscape outside of the window

In other words, after seating and creating for an hour, I just make myself stand up and do something completely different. I assure you, that it not only helps to rest, but it can help to generate some new bright ideas.

And when I feel like I am stuck, I do not try to sit and squeeze ideas and solutions, I just put on my training shoes and go for 1-1,5 hours to the beach, to run or simply to walk. And if you do not have a beach near you, you can go on a stroll in the park or simply along the street. Just change your environment, and you will see how it can help you get more energetic, motivated and creative.

By the way, the most brilliant ideas struck my mind during my beach jogging ;)

Allow yourself time for rest! What ativities do you prefer to switch to during short breaks?