Necessity vs Fear

Necessity vs Fear

When you have everything, your life is smooth and nice, though even you have great ideas and you want to try something new, chances are that you will put it into practice and do it quickly.

But when you are in need for something - and I do not speak only about material needs - then you jump into the first train and rush to something new and exciting.

Time to Rest and .... Get Even More Effective!

Has it ever happened to you, that OMG, finally you receive an order or maybe even 5? Or you just want to finish that very notebook or paint that very picture that will be sooo special? You are so inspired that you want to make them here and now, immediately. You don't have a lunch break, you stay and work at night, because you have so many ideas in your head, you have that special magic flow of thoughts on what color to use, what flower to add and crystal to attach....