My First Online Course

I am a real hustler, I should admit. Though most of my business hours I dedicate to making to order journals, travel wallets, photo albums and baby keepsake boxes, a couple of weeks ago I created and lauched my first online course, so far in Spanish. That's definitely an experience!

I have been receiving messages from my followers on Instagram and Facebook and I keep receiving them, asking how people can learn those bookbinding techniques that I use and where I plan to give classes in different Spanish cities. So, I decided that it was definitely time to record and offer my online course, since I can not travel now around Spain to give classes.

I spent more than one month working on my course - planning, preparing materials, looking for and testing different hosting platforms, recording and editing videos. I launched it in the end of July and I am so happy with my experience and result. 

My objective was to create a trully interesting course to inspire people, to give them a chance to learn something new, to help them with ideas and make them use their knowledge in their creative work. And I think I've succeded. There were moments when I had tears of joy because of all the positive feedback and comments that I was receiving from my students. If you are interested, you can read some of them (in Spanish) here or in my Instagram account.

Creative Diary with vegan leather cover that I teach to make in my  online course .

Creative Diary with vegan leather cover that I teach to make in my online course.

When I was looking for the platforms to host my course, I think I checked and tested nearly all of them that are available on the market. I watched webinars, subscribed to their email tutorials and tested those platforms during the trial period. 

Funally I am on ClickFunnels and I am so happy with them. It's not only a hosting platform for my course. It's an absolutely powerful all-in-one tool to create, promote, sell, launch and host my digital products. And I should mention, that it's great not only for selling digital products, but for physical ones and services as well. It's absolutely universal. I am their customer and their affiliate member and at the moment I do not see any alternative to ClickFunnels where I could move to. Check their video explaning the difference between ClickFunnels vs LeadPages, and I think you will understand it all.

I used LeadPages, I paid my subscription for several months there but I finally left. Because with ClickFunnels I have it all in one place and actually it saves me a lot of time and money. I am preparing my "Creative Diary"course now in English, and I am recording another course on creative bookbinding that will be available also both in English and Spanish, and I do all that on ClickFunnels. I do not search further.