10 Seconds To Impress... Or How Important It Is To Have Well Prepared Your Elevator Pitch

Have you ever heard about an "elevator pitch"?

It´s a marketing technique and I would trully recommend you not to leave your house without rehearsing it in front of the mirror before going out.

What is it all about? It's about beeing able to present your business and/or product and/or yourself in 10-30 seconds. Just within that short moment, while the imaginable elevator's door closes and the elevator moves from one floor to another. Too short? Maybe... But it's your chance to explain to your potential client what you do, and do it in the way that he or she gets excited about your business. It's your chance! Take it or leave it! 


Where can you use it? Everywhere! At the networking party, at the birthday party of your child's friend, on the playground... At any place. 

I used my elevator pitch this morning, while I was waiting for my daughter at her tennis academy. Parents of another child asked me what my occupation was. Sooo..... I took out my personal journal that is always there in my bag, and delivered my pitch. Then I also showed some photos of my journals and travel wallets that I have in a separate folder on my smartphone. And voilà, I got another order for another personalized journal, because the father of the boy just needed one for his business meetings, as his old one was too old and shabby.

Here is the journal that he asked to replicate:


What do you need to have your elevator pitch working right? Time, common sense and emotions.

Take some time and write down what your unique selling proposition is. Remember, unique! What is so different and so beautiful about your business, your product or yourself, that will defenitely spark interest in other people, your potential customers.

Take some time to practice it with and without a mirror. When saying it out loud think about the person to whom you will speak. Just picture in your mind that potential client who will definitely get interested in what you offer. Put yourself in the shoes of your client. What will he need? What can you offer him that he will be definitely interested in?

It's ok to have different variations of your elevator pitch, as it will all depend on the situation, the person and the question what will be asked. But just always stick to your goal to diliver your unique proposition to spark the interest. And practice! Take time to practice and maybe add from time to time something new to your pitch, watching how people react and taking into account your experience.

Remember! Never go out without rehearsing your elevator pitch looking in the mirror and smiling!

PS. Always carry with you your bussiness cards, your product or at least photos of your products well organized in your smartphone.

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