Why They Don't Buy My Hats?

Very often people who start their own business face this problem and wonder: "But why? Why they don't buy the stuff that I make and order similar product on another website? Why the hats that I knit from the premium wool are still here? And the hats made by Mary are always sold out in a blink of an eye?"

The answer is - do you explain it very well to your potential and existing clients what problem your product solves and what pain it heals?

People do not only buy a product, they buy a bunch of emotions that your product, your work and you evoke. They buy a pill that will help them to heal the pain that they have, they buy a solution to their problems and necessities. Here is the feedback that I received these days from one of my loyal clients. I think, she says exactly why she loves buying from me.


With my products I allow Anastasia to demonstrate to her family and friends how much she cares about them, giving them personalized gifts, she loves seeing them impressed and touched. And in addition she sees that I really create my products with love, passion, imagination and personal touch. I give my best to the gift that I make :)

Here is a baby girl keepsake box that made another client extremely happy


Yes, I vouch for personal touch, I vouch for unique design and high quality materials for all my projest. And I always try to add something special to every work that I create, to give that gift of happiness and great emotions to my clients.

Have you though, what emotions your work evokes in your clients? Think about it! It's really important.