My 1/2 Year Results After Launching My Handmade Business

I decided to write a short post, initially just for myself, to keep track of what I managed to achieve after launching last September my handmade business.



And here are my numbers and achievements:

  1. In September of 2016 I registered all my social media accounts and started creating my website, started to learn and improve my skills and make trial products that I gave as gifts to my friends and acquaintances.
  2. As a result, from mid-November when I received my first order by the beginning of March I made and sold 51 notebooks and journals, 33 travel wallets gradually increasing their price by 25% and 3 baby keepsake boxes and my creations live now in quite a number of countries including Australia, USA, UK, Russia, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Spain.
  3. I managed to get 2 corporate orders and make personalized journals as Christmas gifts for VIP clients of 2 companies in Barcelona - The Oriental Jasmine and Cherry Heel.
  4. I have my products on sale in 5 boutiques and salons in Barcelona, on Etsy and my own website and in another online shop.
  5. I managed to successfully organize my first Creative Breakfast in A+D restaurant in Castelldefels with 7 participants where I was teaching bookbinding techniques and the girls made their first eco-leather journals. More details and photos to follow.
  6. From April I start giving workshops and classes on bookbinding and creative crafts in Castelldefels in the creative club La Casa Pajarita. By the way, if you are interested, get registered for one of my workshops here.
  7. I am in the process of discussing more options on giving classes in different venues in Catalonia.
  8. I received a pre-order for 800 personalized travel wallets for corporate gifts from an international company and we are discussing now the final details of our cooperation. Wondering what travel wallets they want to order? Check the samples I made for them here.
  9. I am finishing my signature online and presential course "25 Comprehensive Strategies that Will Help You to Market Effectively Your Handmade Business"
  10. I am working on more projects that I will reveal soon ;)

And I am constantly learning, reading books, attending webinars, looking for and testing new ideas, new products, new materials. My work now is my life, a non-stop creative process, that not only brings me money, but also inspires me and gives me such great new experience!