Does Your Product Speak For Itself?

You can shout out loud on all social media that your product is the best, write beautiful posts using selling techniques, sell it effectively, applying all those tricks and tips about beautiful photos and flatlays, that the digital marketers who run online courses speak so much about..

But are you sure that after purchasing your product and receiving it at home people will love it and want to order more or will recommend you to their friends?

When I was launching my handmade business, my first thoughts were exactly about the products. Perhaps, because due to my professional experience I knew already a lot about marketing, promotion, SMM etc, so I needed to decide what I can sell to make people happy, to help them experience great emotions when receiving their orders, to encourage them to speak about my products and recommend them.

Though my professional life for the last 20 years was all about banking, finance and investments, plus at some point several years ago I launched an online shop selling children's clothes and toys from popular and luxury brands, creativity has always been there with me. As a child and teenages I learnt a lot about handmade and crafts, I attended arts school and won prizes for 2 consecutive years at city painting contests. My mom is a fashion designer after all, so since I was a child I knew how to sew, crochet, knit, embroider, make clothes etc.



I gathered literally ALL that I have learnt during my life and first started with making baby keepsake boxes and then added creating artisanal journals, albums, books and travel wallets.

Taking it all into account my priorities were to make a quality product that will be unique, trendy and personalized. Something that will touch the hearts of my clients :))

After 6 months since I've ventured my handmade business, testing live all my thoughts and ideas, I'd recommend you to check at least these inital points before you start marketing your artisanal products:

- do you have enough knowledge and skills to make high quality items?

- are you ready to invest money in premium materials to make your products awesome?

- do you have some really cool ideas on design and functionality of your products?

- will your products be trendy and catchy?

- will you be proud of your products?


Keeping all this in mind, you need to understand that you will create things not just to create them. You are obliged to make products that will speak for themselves, products that will stand out, that will catch attention of your potential customers, products that will cover certain needs of people, products that will be of high quality and great design. Products that will make you and their owners proud!

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