Necessity vs Fear

The biggest enemy of fear is the necessity.  I learned it from my own experience. When you have everything, your life is smooth and nice, though even you have great ideas and you want to try something new, chances are that you will put it into practice and do it quickly.

But when you are in need for something - and I do not speak only about material needs - then you jump into the first train and rush to something new and exciting.

It happened to me when after 20 years of stable life and great career in banking and finance, I found myself on the crossroads. I lost my job to which I dedicated last 11 years both as a employee and a freelancer, I tried and left another freelance project in the financial sector because I was not enjoying it any longer. 


So I ventured into handmade business without thinking too much, without feeling that fear that stopped me several times in my life from doing the things I dreamed about. Analysing now "why handmade? why so quickly? why in a blink of an eye I registered accounts in social media and put immediately my products on sale? why I learnt so quickly to sew notebooks?" I think I found the answer: because I had that necessity. If I need something I do act quickly, and when your life and the Universe put you on the crossroads and make you take a decision - you loose that fear and decide for the things that are ment for you.