At MV Design Atelier you will find that very special gift for yourself and your loved ones that will definitely touch the heart .

Just browse my gallery, get inspired and contact me to order your very special personalized gift.




Are you a creative soul who loves to make sketches, draw, dream big and put your thoughts on paper, practice free writing or morning pages?

Get your personalized notebook in eco-leather or fabric. I can make for you any notebook or journal that you might need. 



Isn't it lovely to keep all your baby's first sweet things and memories in a beautiful handmade tailored to your needs keepsakes box?

I make them with lots of love and put all my imagination and creativity to make every keepsake box unique and beautiful.



Love to travel well organized and in style? Always keep all your documents, boarding passes, bookings in one place for not to waste time and get stressed?

My handmade eco-leather or fabric travel wallets with sturdy cover are right for you. Just order your personalized wallet now.

Unique design to keep the sweetest memories of your baby


Hospital bracelets, first outfit, curly lock of hair, first tiny shoes, gorgeous christening gown, cute little pacifier, first-day photo, ... - there is room for everything. Years do pass by but our sweetest memories always stay with us. What can be more emotional for any mom than keeping all those sweetest memories of her little angel through years?!

Just let me know and I will create that very special tailored just to your needs keepsakes set with those elegant and charming boxes for the tiny first things of your girl or boy.



A trendy notebook to stand out of the crowd.


Verba volant, scripta manent. If you are that special person who loves to put your words on paper, who can not imagine your day without flipping through your notebooks, re-reading your notes, contemplating your quick sketches made years ago that now tell you all those stories, who smiles on your dreams that you put on paper and that have come true, who write down all your bright ideas that flash through your mind ... Then you are my soulmate. And I create notebooks, art journals, sketch books, diaries for people like you and me. Because I know what it means - own that special notebook, who finally becomes your best friend and confidant. 



Personalized Travel Wallets Tailored to Clients' Needs


Chose your color, add your name, decide for the cover material. Our trendy and one of a kind travel wallets turned out to be a huge success. Made of premium Italian eco leather or luxury cotton and linen fabrics, they do stand out due to their functionality and great design.